Thursday, February 2

Awesome things my professors have said:

Let me preface this post with this comment:
my professors are awesome.
Hence, they say awesome things.
Like the following.
(NOTE: These instances really happened. I was there. So were about twenty other people. But all you really need are two or three witnesses to establish a fact, so really . . .)
(NOTUS SECONDUS: These are listed in no particular order, so don't try to figure out who said what, although some might be a little obvious.)

"I'm feeling sick, so . . . no hugs today."

"It's not over till the last robot dies!"

"During the course of this semester, we will witness two historical anniversaries. The first is the sinking of the Titanic. That's rather trivial. The other is the opening of Fenway Park, which is extremely important!"

"Alfred the Great was important. He did cool, important stuff." >Later< "It's really Alfred alone who-- well, not alone; he had an army."

". . . And so the gods punished Prometheus to be bound to a rock. The birds would come and eat his liver, which, by and large, is a rather unpleasant thing to have happen to ya."

"Happy very merry un-birthday to you!"

"Ignore this; I forgot that this computer [in the classroom] doesn't have Runes . . . or the Beowulf script. Well darn!"

Last and certainly not least . . .

Professor: "Some scientists in Italy have shot a particle that may have traveled faster than the speed of light."
Me (to myself): "Well, whatever that was, we need it for the internet."