Tuesday, October 18

Fire Alarms and Beverage Ops

Not to be confused with "Black Ops", which I'm sure is more interesting.

Okay, I'll be honest: I haven't done a fire drill since I was about 7. I only remember that you're not supposed to panic. I had the perfect opportunity to put that to use today.
I was packing up my Shakespeare papers and notebooks - not my actual textbook, though; that 20-pounder won't fit in my giant backpack. Suddenly, there was this high-pitched . . . I dunno, beep / siren type sound and this light started flashing. At first, we were all quite confused, because our professor didn't think there was a drill scheduled for today, but when we saw everyone else going for the stairs, we figured it was probably a good idea to go, too.
The good news is nobody panicked - we calmly stampeded downstairs.
The bad news is that all 200 of us stood outside in the suffocating humidity, holding all of our junk for about 10 minutes wondering if it was a drill, a joke, or the real thing. We were bored. Really bored. 
Finally, some guy came out and told us we could go back in.
No explanation.

Later this afternoon, we learned about beverages of the potentially belligerent nature. You name it, it was mentioned.
I must say now that I don't drink. Most of my friends don't drink. I sat there with this blank stare for 15 minutes before we were done. The professor then proceeded to tell us about all the different ways a bartender could rip off his boss.
It was really interesting.

So, yes, my day was anti-climatic.