Tuesday, October 23

Sunrise from the Other Side

The water nymph sank to the sandy floor of Atlantica as the warm, pink glow was cast about by the gentle waves above. The gritty sand particles bit benignly into her ash-hued neck and back, but she spread her arms, burying them shallowly in the sediment. A pod of dolphins swam over her, unaware of her presence. She held her breath as the pink brightened, morphing into a brilliant yellow. She sat up a bit, looking ahead.
The surface of the water erupted into flecks of liquid gold, and they penetrated the depths, slowly moving towards her. The flecks hit her tail, and the cool sapphire shifted to a vibrant emerald. The flecks covered her, and she basked in them as the white orb grew smaller and smaller above her.
Slowly, she twisted, the sand swirling off her creamy flesh.
The sailors would be passing by soon.
She ascended, clawing her way up the rock protruding from the sea.
Calypso's mark was absent from the approaching ship.
The nymph's eyes, exposed to the sunlight, glowed a hot yellow.
Her sisters joined her in the crags and they slowly began their song.