Sunday, October 2

Book Preview! Part III

Aaaaaaaaaaand the third one!

This is from "Ruminations", slightly inspired by the track of the same name from . . . um, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Uh, yeah . . . You can listen to it here . . . to make it less . . . erm . . . awkward.

As a young nun, Marya had been pious as a saint, quiet to a fault, and earnest in her duties. But then, during a mission of charity, she fell. Hers was not the sudden, obliterating demise made popular by cheap novellas. Her fall was an unbroken – though, at times, hesitant – descent from her once lofty standards.
A young parson, not even a year her senior, had been assisting the physicians with orphans who had contracted serious infections. His gentle kindness to the children others deemed worthless endeared him to her immediately. They did the Lord’s work side by side, sharing His peace and mercy with those suffering. He lauded and encouraged Marya from time to time, but she – raised with nigh a man in sight – found herself unable – or unwilling? – to reciprocate. 

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