Saturday, October 1

Book Preview! Part II

Time for the second sample!

This one is from "Infiltration", kind of a sci-fi thing. I definitely had the most fun writing this one.

Harpé felt herself separate from the transport chip. It was exhilarating. She was free to roam, free to explore. Binary information began to bombard her the moment of severance, and she absorbed it instantly, reveling as her knowledge expanded. The stream of raw information slowed and she began to sort and process it while appropriating controls to the systems Dante had outlined before the mission commenced.
            Security and surveillance systems: bugged – affirmative.
Motion and thermal sensors: bugged – affirmative.
            Life support: affirmative.
Chemical balance control systems: affirmative.
Temperature controls.
Harpé paused. That wasn’t on the list, but she knew Dante didn’t like to leave a job smelling sweaty, so she grudgingly appropriated it.
Temperature controls: unnecessary . . . but affirmative.
Harpé allowed herself a mental chuckle, but sobered quickly. This is too – 

Here's the link!