Friday, September 30

Book Preview! Part I

So I've decided to post three different excerpts of my book, "The Trio: A Collection of Completely Unrelated Short Stories". (I'm all for honesty; can you tell?)

As the title states, there's only three stories in the book. It was sort of a tester-type thing-y.

Here's a (selected) excerpt from the first one, "Wasted, Redeemed". It's pretty much the plot summary; a friend who read this asked if I found a poem, cut it up and wrote around it! (I didn't, by the way. =])

An hour – wasted.
A mind – wasted.
A soul – wasted.
A lifetime – wasted.
A love – wasted.
A life – redeemed.  

(I know this is a very short sample, but it's because it's a very short story.)

Here's the link!