Wednesday, February 20

~ February Sponsors! ~

Say hello to my loverly sponsors for the month of February!

I'm Kenz... A daughter, sister, and best friend. I'm a hardy Minnesotan, but my heart and soul tell 
me I'm a true southern belle. I love my job as a direct care provider in an assisted living home and I also LOVE to nanny. I hoard scarves like it's my job and drink WAY too much Caribou Coffee. I'm a juvenile arthritis warrior that is learning to understand my condition and keep up with treatment one day at a time. Overall, I'm a blessed mess just trying to shine for Jesus and love sharing my heart on my blog, Life According to Kenz. Put a smile on, stop by, and stay awhile! I'd love to have you!

I am a twenty-something wife, nursing school student, {wannabe} photographer, and avid TV viewer. I wish I could label my blog under a specific category like fashion, food, or family; however, I have to describe my blog as randoMEness. I blog about attending nursing school, tips on things I've experienced, delicious recipes and random thoughts I have on life. I blog in order to remember what was happening in my life, because my memory is awful AND to update my family located throughout the country. I love reading blogs about real life happenings and family stories (rather than filler content or billions of pictures). Oh and recipe blogs, because I am always on the lookout for a good recipe. I would love for you to stop by Mostly Happenstance and say hello so that we can be blogger besties!

Hi all! I'm Betsy and I love museums, I love visiting them, reading about them, and working at them. Don't worry I'm not just a one note kind of gal I love Pinterest, DIY, cooking, 'Stache shows with friends and so many other things. And I love talking about them with my readers!

I am a twenty-something who pretends to be a grown up. I love Jesus, people, glitter, adventures, creating, exploring, & being married to my best friend!