Thursday, July 12

Good things happen at school?

Indeed they do.
Whilst wandering around "town" today, and decided to drop by my college campus.
I was curious to see if they were building a new parking lot, because the parking situation is - in a word - deplorable. 
They were so excited about the number of freshman coming in when I was a freshman. Parking then was okay. Not great, but okay.
The next fall, me and a classmate walked into the cafeteria and were like "Whoa, where'd all these people come from?!" They must've all been freshmen, and that's when I noticed the parking lots became a bit more . . . "cozy".
This year, if they have as many freshman as they think they will, the parking is going to be an absolute headache.
I mean, I've had morning classes the past two years, so it's not that bad, but God forbid you go off campus for lunch . . . something I'm not apt to do this semester as "lunch" will be non-existent for me on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that's for another post.
Anyhoo, I go by there, and they are building a parking lot . . . right where the soccer field used to be.
Not sure where my friends are going to practice now, but I suppose they've got that figured out.
So while I'm there, I see my friend's car. I pull up beside it to take a picture of it and play stalker with her, but she's in it. 
So we chat for a while, and end up going to Old Navy and being weird and getting stalked by one of the employees. Okay, we weren't really being stalked, but he was behind us a lot.
So yes, long story short, good things do happen at school.