Thursday, November 3

Fish'N'Chips and Shakespeare

I had a rather interesting day today.
This morning, we talked about Shakespeare.
More specifically, we discussed Shakespeare's use of fish and sheep.
Mostly fish.
Mainly about how Caliban in The Tempest was called a fish and the significance of that.
Um, pardon me, but I think the significance was this: 1 - Caliban was deformed. 2 - He lived on an island, so he probably smelled like . . . fish.
End of story.
Well, it must have stuck in my brain, because I had fish and chips for lunch.
It was actually quite good for cafeteria fish.
In another class, we took a quiz.
15 questions.
After that, she let us leave.
Can you say "win"?
After that - in another class, naturally - we discussed the Pamplona Run of the Bulls.
. . .
I think I'm scratching that off my 'bucket list' . . .
. . . Or at least move it to the end . . .