Monday, March 14

Spring Break


Alas, all good things must come to an end.

Oh, well. Life goes on. >Sniffle.<

Spring. Break. Was. An. Epic. Win.

I drove four hours north (all by me onesie!) to visit my best friend at her university. It was a BLAST! I stayed in the dorm with her and her two roommates (who rock!) and it was just great. However, my bestie neglected to inform me that the weekend I was coming was the weekend they had to clean . . . everything. Haha, it was hilarious, watching them run around like that, but I must say, they inspired me to clean. So, I cleaned out the only thing I had brought with me: my purse. Yeah. It was pretty bad.

But the stay was awesome!

But now, Spring Break is over. I have literally 24 hours left before I return to the halls of . . . >cue dramatic music< SCHOOL. (Or, as Megamind would say it, "shuul".)

But I shall persevere!

My freshman year is almost OVER!

(Thank GOD for that!)

So, I shall end with a quote from one of my new favorite movies:

"See this face? It's a happy gnome face."